Media Interview with Shelly Vella, editor of Cosmopolitan FASHION

Joining Cosmopolitan BEAUTY, Cosmopolitan BODY, Cosmo SUTRA and Cosmo on Campus this September is Cosmopolitan FASHION, a biannual fashion standalone magazine edited by Cosmo's fashion and style director (and Fashion Fox) Shelly Vella.

Having worked at the Hearst women's brand for 11 years, Shelly will be putting her high-street fashion know-how to use alongside the Cosmo fashion team to add the finishing touches before the magazine hits the shelves this Summer. But why wait  you can get a little taste of what will be in the magazine as well as some tips on upcoming trends in today's interview! 

How did the official launch go? You mentioned “public speaking nerves” on twitter – were you excited to unveil the new magazine?

We had a great turn out at the launch and despite my nerves I did manage to convey the teams’ excitement at the opportunity to showcase our work in a separate magazine.

Can you tell us a bit about what we’ve got to look forward to from the first issue coming up in September? How much of the content do you have planned already?

We are working on the content and planning right now as the new season unveils itself to us. But what I can reveal is that it will be MORE of what we do well and what our readers love, combined with the features and editorial that we’ve longed to do but hitherto not had the space every month. It WILL be luxurious, aspirational while still being accessible to all pockets.

How will the content/tone differ from fashion news/features in the main Cosmo magazine?

As touched on above, it will be a combination of what we already do well, and what our readers love combined with exciting new ideas and content to whet their fashion hungry appetites. It will feel luxurious without feeling exclusive. We aim to deliver beautiful pages that are totally inclusive of our readers’ needs.

Who will be working on the magazine with you for the launch?  

It’s a Cosmo fashion team production, obviously pulling in the talents of our art and subs departments.

How will you juggle your work on both magazines?

With great skill and determination…watch this space.

Will you be commissioning freelancers for any pieces in the magazine? What kind of thing should they be pitching, if so?

As it stands, we will endeavor to produce as much of the content as possible, with contributions from illustrators, photographers and our web team.

What information/kind of products would be most useful to you on the lead-up to the first issue? What would you like to hear from PRs about?

We will be gathering information from the new season as the press day month unfurls, but we will also consider fabulous news stories and interesting pitches from relevant brands.

What are the best things about working at Cosmo?

The people. We are a happy, hardworking, fun team and all passionate about the magazine and what it stands for.

Where have you worked previously, and how did you end up in your current position?

I have worked for COMPANY Magazine, YOU magazine, ELLE, Marie Claire Health & Beauty and even 'The Clothes Show' many moons ago. I have been at Cosmo for 11 years.

Has Twitter changed/improved the way you work at all?

I love the way the industry can communicate on social media; Twitter has helped me find talented new photographers, jewellery designers and many other interesting people working in a like-minded field.

Also… you mentioned your love of horse riding on your Fashion Fox Blog at Cosmo’s website… how do you keep your mane so glossy?!

I adore my horse, and my secret tip…a little spritz of mane and tail spray…it smells delish and if it works for horses….

If you could choose and keep any items you’ve written about in Cosmo, what would they be, and why?

Oh wow, that is difficult, so many beautiful things pass under my nose it’s impossible to fine tune…I have to say that whenever anything comes in from jeweller Alex Monroe I do lust after it.

Good choice! Finally, can you let us in on some upcoming fashion trends we’ll be seeing this year?

For AW13 you can expect a little Punk influence in the fashion mix, alongside masculine tailoring and mannish fabrications, oversized coat shapes, Film Noiresque glamour and some very over-embellished delights. It’s another exciting season ahead.

Shelly Vella can be found tweeting @shellyvella and blogging for Cosmo on her Fashion Fox Blog

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