PR vs SEO, or should it be PR plus SEO?

It was almost six years ago to the day that I published a whitepaper examining the impact of search marketing on public relations.

In it I rather provocatively predicted that the search engine optimisation (SEO) would eventually push PR into the sidelines.

Has it happened? Well, no it hasn’t – not yet anyway. I wasn’t actually convinced it ever would. But six years ago I was very concerned that so few members of the PR industry were taking proper notice of digital and social media, thus my attempt at hyperbole in the whitepaper.

I have always believed that the way forward for SEO and PR is for the two disciplines to cooperate. While things have moved on a great deal and many PR and search professionals have a greater understanding of each other’s role, for clients to really gain the maximum benefit from their marketing spend I still believe there needs to be greater cooperation.

So it was with much enthusiasm that we chose to support the Public Relations and SEO Roundtable at the BrightonSEO event this Thursday. I’m looking forward to the discussion on how PR and search professionals can learn from each other and work together. On the same day we will also be publishing our latest whitepaper, written for us by SiteVisibility Strategy Director Kelvin Newman, which will give an SEO person’s perspective on what PR people should know about SEO.

[Spaces may still be available for the Public Relations and SEO Roundtable on Thursday]

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