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Media Contacts Database

Find relevant journalists and create accurate media lists in seconds with the ResponseSource Media Contacts Database.

Intelligent search technology combined with our close relationship with journalists and dedicated UK research team give you the power to identify relevant journalists and media opportunities quickly.

Recent article searching provides you with quick access to detailed profiles of journalists covering the most niche and specialist of subjects.

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Journalist Enquiry Service

Become a part of this special community. Receive journalist requests directly from thousands of journalists at top outlets – national, consumer, and trade – all asking ResponseSource subscribers for information, expert comment, review products, images and other help when writing features and news.

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Press Release Wire

A fast, effective way to communicate your news to journalists, influencers, and stakeholders.

Share images, video and other documents to support your stories.

Your news is emailed to our lists, indexed by search engines and hosted in your own customisable online newsroom.

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Media Bulletin

Thousands of media professionals receive the ResponseSource Media Bulletin. Make it your source of daily media moves and news updates. Find out when journalists get new jobs or change role. Hear about new outlet launches and major publication changes.

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Media Jobs

Find your next PR or journalism role with ResponseSource Media Jobs

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