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What do PR pros like best about their jobs?

Best about your role

I asked a bunch of PR pros about their roles and what they enjoy the most. Whether it’s that no two days are the same, the ability to be creative or the thrill of achieving great coverage (or perhaps all three!), here’s what they told me:


“PR is where the ordinary meets the extraordinary; where the impossible becomes possible.

It’s a unique area to work in, where no two days are alike (truly).

Each day provides a new opportunity to learn, to challenge yourself and to make an impact for your clients. It requires the ability to think unconventionally, to tell stories, to make connections, to use both imagination and intellect. And to act quickly.

Even with limited resources the options for what you can create are unlimited, and that makes it both special and rewarding. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Mila Brazzi, Account Manager, Fugu PR


“I love the variety in my role – no two days are the same with so many different clients. One day I could be writing blogs on HR software, and the next pitching a story to national newspapers on the phone. I’m very lucky to be working with a great team and to constantly be learning new things about the media industry.”

Danny Ward, Trainee Account Executive, Fourth Day PR


“I love the creative and analytical nature of my role in Digital PR. From devising creative strategies for my clients (you end up becoming a mini-expert across a range of different industries) to delivering placements in client wish-list publications – it’s safe to say that no one day in the office is the same!

I especially enjoy measuring the impact of PR to a business, more specifically online, and how the value of a mention on an authoritative website with a link leading back to my client’s website surpasses long-debated measurements like “brand awareness” and actually supports my client’s SEO credibility on search engines like Google.

And lastly, of course, being able to socialise and constantly meet new people on the job is just an added bonus!”

Sarah Fleming, Earned Media Executive, Hallam Internet


“I’m probably biased, but I think being a PR is one of the best jobs going. A big part of my role is making sure I’m educated and aware of market news, updates and predictions – that means doing a lot of reading, which I love! I’ve got a huge tower of magazines next to my desk which act as my bibles, plus I spend a lot of time online reading articles relating to my clients’ industries.

The best part of the job, in my opinion, is building relationships with journalists, seeing my hard work in print, online or wherever it may be, and impressing my clients with their new coverage. PR works and it’s always great to see a tangible, positive effect grown from a client’s widening outreach.

Ultimately, I spend most days communicating and writing – the two things I’m best at! I don’t know what else I could ask for in terms of job satisfaction and would recommend a career in Public Relations to anybody who excels at writing, but most importantly, can weave a story from nothing and create a compelling narrative.”

Eleanor Healy, Account Executive, RONIN Marketing


“For me, working in a fast-paced environment where I get to find creative solutions everyday is what I like most about my job. No single day is the same and I am always finding out about something new!”

Anjay Sorefan, PR, Social Media and Communications Executive, spottydog communications


“The most enjoyable thing about my role is being a part of the creativity around me. We take part in frequent brainstorms and try to sit down together for account meetings as much as possible – being on the same page has proved to be crucial as a junior.”

Julia Portelly, Junior Account Executive, Wildfire PR


“I love the process of seeing what started as an idea turn into something tangible. Getting a meaningful message in a top target publication for your client is really rewarding, and that buzz never goes away. I’m also lucky in that I get to work with a wide range of clients that are campaigning for real change in their fields, whether they be start-ups or FTSE 100 companies, from education policy to banking technology. It gives me real insight into various aspects of society that I wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Hannah Dawson, Account Executive, Galibier PR


“Working in PR is a challenging but rewarding career. Through working at DMC PR we work with not only press on a daily basis but also bloggers. It’s such an influential platform, if done properly you will get prosperous results for clients – which we are proud to say we are very good at. We get involved with a lot of the planning, preparation and inviting press and bloggers to events throughout the year, and it’s so rewarding to see it all come together and everyone have a good time. We at DMC are a very sociable bunch and it’s a great way to introduce and network everyone together, and it’s also great for DMC to make new contacts!

Another aspect of what we like about our roles at DMC, is sending our clients monthly reports of all the coverage we have secured for them. It’s a great way to showcase the portfolio of work we have secured and been working on for them.”

Jasmine Burford, PR & Social Media Executive, DMC PR


“Because I specialise in working with startups and entrepreneurs, I am lucky enough to spend time with charming individuals whose ambition and energy is infectious.”

Lucy Werner, Founder, The Wern


“PR professionals are constantly kept on their toes which means there is never a dull moment! One day you could be dealing with an internal or external crisis the next you could be writing for a national newspaper, no two days are the same. Those interested working in PR should expect the unexpected and be flexible as our morning to-do lists sometimes fall to the wayside due to urgent, priority assignments that arise throughout the day. Personally I love how varied the role can get, and am always excited to see what each day brings.”

Michael Macfarlane, PR & Marketing Executive, Sellick Partnership Limited


“The best thing about my job role is definitely being able to talk to a wide range of people in media, PR and the technology industry which has meant I’m constantly learning. I work on clients across the software and services team at Hotwire so I get to experience and explore different subjects like cybersecurity, open source, HR, cloud, AI and even laptop bags! What is particularly interesting is monitoring news closely, jumping on relevant hooks and responding in a creative and relevant way – it is so satisfying when your client is quoted in the press based on your work. The fast paced nature of PR ensures that no two days are the same – you can think you have your day planned out and then something urgent will come up that needs addressing. For me, this keeps my role interesting and exciting and I constantly have to think on my feet!

I also really enjoy the writing side of my role. Being able to research and develop content based on the client’s industry has meant I have knowledge about things I never thought I would – cybersecurity in particular! I like being able to think creatively about certain topics and pitch it accordingly. It’s also cool being able to take a step back and see the process from start to finish, from securing your client an article or interview to it manifesting into great coverage.

The people on my team and my clients really make my day-to-day role fun and worthwhile. From them, I have been able to develop loads of new skills in a relatively short space of time that will be extremely valuable throughout my career.”

Jenny Morris, Associate Programme Executive, Hotwire


“Given the nature of the work, there’s never a dull moment during the week – and this has got to be what I enjoy most about my role.

I always find myself with plenty to do and never seem to get caught doing the same task for too long.
This is mainly because we work with so many unique and interesting clients, each of whom have their own specific qualities and characteristics – It’s always a pleasure getting involved with a new business, having the opportunity to learn about a different company and what they do.

My own role can involve anything from writing articles or press releases, to selling stories over the phone, to running social media campaigns.

There’s always something new needing to be done. And I know that sounds tiring – it often can be, just like any other fast-paced job, but I’ve found that it’s not a problem when you’re enjoying what you’re doing.”

Eoghan Scott, Account Executive, Hot Tin Roof PR


“I like that no day in PR is the same. Every day I speak to so many different people, from seasoned journalists of famous magazines to bloggers that are just getting started with their first brand cooperation. It’s exciting to get to know them and work out collaborations with them and it’s even more exciting to then go to a newspaper stand and see your brand featured in there.

Also, I’m incredibly lucky to be promoting something that I really care about as I feel like my enthusiasm translates into the content I create and the pitches I prepare.”

Nicole Rohde, PR Executive, Maxwell – Scott 


“My favourite thing about being a PR Executive at CNC is attending the press nights or private views for all of our exciting and varied projects. I love seeing the culmination of our clients’ work and enjoying the buzz of the event – it’s great to be so involved in the process!”

Tilly Wilson, PR Executive, Chloe Nelkin Consulting


“For me, the best part about my job has to be the opportunity to be creative. When that initial brief comes in from a brand, the possibilities are endless. It’s so exciting to have the freedom to imagine a new concept. Even if the idea never materialises, there’s always the next story to start developing!”

Imogen Stuckes, PR Account Executive, Speed Communications


“What I enjoy most about working in PR is that no two days are the same. You’re constantly working on different projects, faced with new tasks to solve each day. I love sitting down with my team and collecting ideas on how we can tackle an issue. Finding creative and effective solutions that help our clients achieve their objectives is always a very satisfying feeling!”

Sarah Jane Thoms, Trainee Account Executive, Fourth Day PR


“I think my favourite aspect of my job is the unpredictable nature of agency life. I can write a to-do-list before I go home for the evening, and by the time I’ve come in the morning, I have to react to a piece of breaking news that has happened over night and it changes my whole day! It’s exciting and fast-paced, which I find interesting. Since starting in July, I’ve also worked on a whole range of clients from education technology providers, to schools and awarding organisations. It’s really taught me that the skills you learn can easily apply to whatever client you’re working on, it’s just the brief that changes.”

Ellie Ashwell, Account Executive, Mango Marketing


“The best thing about my role – brilliant people and collaborative shared space aside – is working with some of the coolest tech companies from all over Europe. I love travelling, and supporting some of the hottest international startups means I often find myself hopping between the likes of London, Barcelona and Berlin!”

Harry Potts, Account Manager, Liberty Comms


“The best (and most thrilling) part of being a PR Executive would have to be problem-solving and landing the coverage as a result. When campaigns hit a slow stage and you’re losing momentum, there’s no better feeling than reworking the angle and adjusting the content’s assets, e.g. press release format, resulting in an additional pick up and strong coverage!”

Jessica Fairfax, PR Executive, Kaizen Search Marketing


“In my role at LEWIS as an Account Executive, I work on a range of exciting campaigns from the early planning stages, right through to the execution of the idea. For me, the best thing about being involved in every stage of the campaign, is the feeling I get when I manage to secure that top tier, national piece of coverage that we have been working so hard to deliver on. I always set myself goals, so it’s really rewarding when the opportunity comes to fruition. It’s especially great to be able to share the good news with the team and with the client – it’s often just as exciting for us as it is for our clients!”

Stephanie Crisp, Account Executive, LEWIS


“I love that every day is so different. There is never a dull moment – one day you may be working on a strategy for a new launch, the next you could be pitching a new product announcement. Then you may be involved in a pitch…the number of different possibilities is endless and exciting. Securing hits for a client is still high up on the list. Seeing a story or an idea come to life from conception through pitching, and into the news, shows the power of PR. It really is the best feeling when a client calls to say that your campaign and coverage has made a difference and is being noticed within the industry.”

Emma Kaye, Account Manager, TVC Group


“PR gives me the opportunity to talk (and listen)! I’ve often been told that I talk too much, so working in an industry which builds itself on communicating with new people and creating relationships really makes it worthwhile for me. I also get to learn about the way different businesses work, the one I am part of and the many different ones I work with. It’s really important to me that I work in an industry where I get the chance to learn and push myself, and PR does just that!”

India Morris, Account Executive, Down At The Social


“What I love most about working in PR is that it’s very creative. Finding new ways to communicate to journalists why they and their readers should be interested in the story you are presenting to them is exciting. Every piece you create is different, and requires a different touch depending on the publication you are outreaching to.

Plus, the feeling when you get the coverage (or link, if you’re digital) is great!”

Bex Friis-Jansen, Digital PR & SEO Executive, Atom42


“One of the best parts of my job is meeting so many interesting people. I love working closely with Editors to establish how we can assist in creating great content. As a beauty addict, talking about amazing products all day long is a dream! I primarily work on Noughty haircare, our natural, vegan-friendly brand which has been incredibly well-received with the demand for performance-driven ethical beauty.”

Victoria Waite, Global PR Manager, KMI Brands


“At risk of sounding cliché, the variety – and the fact that no two days are the same. As a Junior Account Executive at Magenta Associates, my tasks change every single day. There are some jobs that of course require daily attention; social media management, media scanning, coverage monitoring, writing… but I love that new and totally different tasks can crop up at any time. From working on events to attending client meetings, researching, writing, helping to design infographics, blogging, and more recently – managing our corporate charity account, Clowns Without Borders UK. PR as an industry is an exhilarating and somewhat demanding one; but I’ve absolutely loved every minute of my experience so far!”

Oliver Tunmore, Junior Account Executive, Magenta Associates


“Brilliant ideas, that is what I love about my job. As a specialist book PR agency, we work with publishers, insightful authors, entrepreneurs, as well as global PR agencies who recruit us for client’s book campaigns. It is an utter inspiration to collaborate with such creative and brilliant people and share their brilliant ideas with big audiences”

Natalie Connors, PR Executive, The Book Publicist


“I love the fast-pasted, varied nature of the job, and that I’m constantly challenged in my role at a small agency, but most of all I love the buzz when I see a fantastic piece of coverage for one of my clients in the press.”

Romila Antonio, Account Executive, Neat PR


Do you work in PR? What do you enjoy most about your role?

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