How can B2B brands work with influencers?

B2B influencer marketing

With all the hype of influencer marketing, it might seem like all brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Those engaging directly with consumers, whether in the retail, fashion or technology industries, often find it easier to connect with influencers. In fact, when you search for the best influencer campaigns Google suggests those by Adidas, Daniel Wellington, ASOS and Lagavulin Scotch whiskey.

Although eager to get involved with influencers, many B2B brands believe that influencer marketing doesn’t offer as many opportunities for them. But influencer engagement doesn’t just have to be for the consumer market.

Here are a few ways to ace B2B influencer campaigns:

Focus on end users

Much like B2C influencer campaigns, you need to think about your end users, who do they listen to and trust? This will help you discover people who you can work with to share your messages.

Make it human

No matter whether you are selling a product or service, it’s all about the humans whose lives are made easier by purchasing from you. People want to hear from others like them – that’s why ‘just like me’ micro-influencers often get the best engagement.

Authenticity and authority

Work with an influencer who is respected in the industry and whose natural narrative fits your products and services. It’s obvious when an influencer is trying to flog something they don’t believe in.

Don’t just sell

The best B2C influencer campaigns are all about feelings – not purchases. Although something like HR software might not seem like the most exciting subject, you can focus on the time it saves, how easy it is to book time off or any other feature that makes work tasks better.

How to find B2B influencers

LinkedIn – 5 top tips for finding and connecting with influencers on LinkedIn

Twitter – How to Find Influencers on Twitter

There’s some great advice on finding B2B influencers from TopRank Marketing CEO, Lee Odden – Influencer marketing for B2B: Savior or shiny object?

When working with influencers it doesn’t always need to be large campaigns of videos and hundreds of images on Instagram. Influencer partnership can include guest blog posts, a webinar series or a regular industry Twitter chat.


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