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Health and fitness experts available for comment

Health and fitness experts on the Journalist Enquiry Service

The start of a new year, for many, means making resolutions. These are often centered around changes that will impact our health and fitness for the better, like taking part in Dry January or Veganuary.

Here are a variety of experts from the world of health and fitness who can share their expertise with journalists covering these topics. You can connect with them via the ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service – fill out the form here to send an enquiry.

Fitness Experts

Natalie Rose, founder of Body By Barre Studio

Expertise: Natalie is a PT, barre, and pilates specialist. She is the founder of Body By Barre Studio and creator of the 3-2-8 method, which has over 3 million views on TikTok. Natalie has supported thousands of women across the world with setting health and wellness goals, finding exercise balance, establishing habits, and long-term lifestyle changes. She also has a social following of over 630,000. 

Speak to Natalie about: Female health, the importance of cycle syncing, supporting and balancing hormones with sustainable, low impact activities. The 3-2-8 method (pilates/barre/strength training and daily walks). Plus, how to reduce PCOS through fitness and how to keep to New Year resolutions and goal setting.

Natalie’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘Prioritise balance in every area of life and create a sustainable fitness routine that does not cause burn out, overwhelm or add extra stress. Incorporate all of the low impact training essentials; strength, pilates, walking, mobility & barre.’

Sarah Riandet, ultra-marathon trail runner and marketing specialist at Enertor 

Expertise: Sarah is an ultra-marathon trail runner and 3h30 marathon runner. She has competed in a number of international ultra-marathons ranging from 50k trail races to multi-stage mountain ultramarathons, including the Ultra X World Championships in 2022 and racing 250km around the Kilimanjaro in 2023. Sarah works at Enertor to help runners and athletes stay pain and injury free.

Speak to Sarah about: Ultra marathon running, foot health, training and recovery, overcoming injuries/how to stay pain and injury free and how to add life to your running shoes.

Sarah’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘Be more consistent with your fitness routine and spend time outdoors every day. It might be difficult to maintain on a daily basis with priorities getting in the way, but it doesn’t have to be 15,000 steps every day. A 20-minute stretch in the local park, running around the block, or walking to meet a friend all count towards better self-care and training recovery.’

Ryan Terry, men’s Physique competitor and IFBB professional

Expertise: Ryan has enjoyed a successful international career since winning his first competition against the world number one back in 2010 and has since earned all major titles in bodybuilding, including being crowned three-time Arnold Classic Champion. Most recently, he won Men’s Physique Mr Olympia 2023 to complete his trophy cabinet.

Ryan also has multiple businesses from property developing to CEO of ALTA (his own board short brand) and RT Coaching, an online coaching and app service.

Speak to Ryan about: Various workouts to achieve your goals, how to develop a winning mindset and how to make a career in bodybuilding.

Ryan’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘Stop wishing you looked like someone and become the person that people inspire to look like.’

The Business of Fitness

Nick Mitchell, founder of Ultimate Performance

Expertise: In 2009, Nick launched his own business, Ultimate Performance, a private 1-2-1 personal training company. Over the last 14 years, Nick has grown the business from a single basement gym in London to having more than 25 gyms across the world, now operating in the UK, Washington, Los Angeles, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Mumbai.

Nick is also a best-selling fitness author and a sought-after speaker all over the world. Most recently, Nick trained Hollywood star Glen Powell for his role in the blockbuster ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.

Speak to Nick about: Strength training for men and women. Other topics include improving body composition; weight training and cardio; healthy weight management; the importance of sleep on your health; supplements; celebrity workout regimes; the pitfalls of ‘fitness influencers’; building a global fitness business; how weight training can reverse the ageing process; the importance of weight training for pre- and post-menopausal women; workout programmes; and how to execute exercises safely and effectively.

Nick’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘Don’t exclude ANY food groups in your New Year diet! Set yourself a goal that is SMART – specific, measurable, achievement, realistic and timebound. And prioritise getting the right nutrients in your diet, not cutting out whole food groups. Prioritise lean proteins, good fats such as avocados, fibrous vegetables and slow-release carbohydrates’.

Steven Rinaldi, founder and CEO of PRIMAL

Expertise: Steven is the founder and CEO of PRIMAL, which is a strength and fitness brand that counts major gym chains such as JD Gyms, Energie Fitness and SoHo House, as well as celebrities and elite athletes, among its global client base. This includes Lewis Hamilton, James McAvoy, two-time World’s Strongest Man Tom Stoltman, as well as TV personalities such as Holly Hagen, Alex and Olivia Bowen, and Adam Collard.

Steven personally designs each piece of equipment to ensure optimum functionality, durability, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

Speak to Steven about: Fitness trends sweeping the nation, optimal gym floor design to impact the bottom line of gym owners, various workouts to get results, the future of personal and commercial gym fitouts, and business success in the fitness industry.

Steven’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘Keeping things interesting and growing a strong mindset. Regular exercise is key to achieving fitness goals and seeing results, but if you lose interest in your workouts, you’re going to fail. All too often those who start out with good intentions and goals fall by the wayside as they lose interest in exercise. The good news is gym apathy can be avoided. As with so many things, variety is the spice of life and that should apply to workouts too.’

Gary Lockwood, CEO and founder of 24/7 Fitness Group

Expertise: Gary has 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. He started as a personal trainer and studio instructor and has managed various fitness facilities over the last three decades. Gary worked as a consultant for major clients, including Fitness First, before founding the 24/7 Fitness Group in 2007 and growing it into a national chain. He has successfully opened 20 new sites and negotiated the sale of four sites to PureGym. 

Speak to Gary about: Exercise and diet, including the impact of hormones and results for all genders. Plus, he can comment on industry trends and gimmicks; male menopause and fitness over 40; obesity, understanding its causes and addressing misconceptions; and the fitness industry business with insights into the UK and global fitness markets, VAT issues on gym memberships, and more, drawing from his experience as the CEO of a national fitness group.

Gary’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘Set achievable goals that challenge you just enough. It’s the sweet spot between doable and a good fight.’

Nutrition Experts

Daniel Herman, founder of Bio-Synergy

Expertise: Daniel is a SAQ coach and NASM qualified nutritionist with over 25 years of experience, having worked with elite athletes and fitness newbies. Clients have included international sports teams, Mark Foster, David Coulthard, and Robbie Williams. Daniel fell in love with fitness at university and began making homemade protein shakes. After graduation, he wanted to apply to be a contender on Gladiator’s. Although this never happened, it inspired him to take his training to a higher level and paid closer attention to his diet and nutrition. Following a bad experience with the founder of a supplement company, he decided to drop his place at law school, qualify as a nutritionist and coach and create a sports nutrition brand that would be for everybody and focus on quality and innovation.

Speak to Daniel about: Diet, exercise, nutrition, and mindset.

Daniel’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘At Bio-Synergy we have now developed a DNA & Epigenetic product. We use this to hyper personalise our training and diet recommendations alongside more traditional techniques, such as goal setting and tracking progress.’

Dr Lucy Williamson, nutritionist and gut health specialist 

Expertise: Lucy has a unique approach to her work having originally trained and worked as a vet for 15 years before retraining as a nutritionist. She reconnects health not only to the food we eat but how it was produced, keeping whole foods, nature and gut health at the core of her work. Lucy offers personal nutrition advice but also a six episode long online Gut Health Course which provides easy, seasonal recipes and advice on how to source truly sustainable gut healthy food, produced with nature and animal welfare at its heart. It also demonstrates how self-compassion, including rest, sleep, and regular exercise are vital for gut health too. 

Speak to Lucy about: Nutrition, gut health, and the effect that gut health has on our overall health, both physical and mental.

Lucy’s New Year’s tip for setting realisitc health goals: ‘Approach goals with self-compassion and recognise that goals take time to journey towards rather than expect too much too soon. Focussing your new approach around gut health (for whole health) is a fabulous way to do this as it could involve gradually adding in extra functional foods (e.g. fermented) as well as regular de-stressing techniques, rather than suddenly restricting yourself.

Health and Medical Experts

Dr Chun Tang, GP and medical director of Pall Mall Medical 

Expertise: Dr Tang has a key interest in acute and chronic disease management with 15 years of experience in a primary care setting. He is actively responsible for the teaching of medical students, trainee GPs, and nurses. He has experience in the medical management of acute minor and major patients, from walk-in patients, or referred patients. Dr Tang also has a keen interest in bowel cancer and screening, having brought a pioneering new test to the UK.

Speak to Dr Tang about: Acute and chronic disease management but can comment on all manner of medical conditions. Other areas of expertise include; paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, medicine (respiratory and geriatric), and surgery (vascular, breast, and general).

Dr Tang’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘Firstly, you need to reflect on your current health status in order to identify any areas that need improvement. Be specific and measurable with your goals and make sure that they are realistic for you in your daily life. It’s also important that you enjoy whatever it is that you are doing so experiment with different types of exercise, recipes or wellness practices to find what works best for you.’

Carolina Goncalves, Superintendent Pharmacist at Pharmica 

Expertise: Carolina has a medical background spanning more than 13 years and currently works as the Superintendent Pharmacist at Pharmica Online Pharmacy. Over the eight years Carolina has been with Pharmica, she has provided expert advice and healthcare support to more than 1.2 million patients. Her approach focuses on understanding the unique needs of each patient and using her extensive knowledge and experience to deliver tailored care. 

Speak to Carolina about: Daily lifestyle adjustments that can help with achieving health and well-being goals such as weight loss, improved cardiovascular functioning, enhanced sexual health, and more. 

Carolina’s New Year’s tip for setting realistic health goals: ‘Implement a series of small and sustainable changes to the way we eat, sleep and move as part of a holistic approach to achieve fitness and health goals for the new year. Make incremental lifestyle changes every day to maximise the likelihood of achieving bigger health and fitness goals for the year.’

On the Journalist Enquiry Service you can reach thousands of expert sources in all sectors; this is just a snapshot of the calibre of experts ready to talk about fitness and health or their specific areas of expertise that you can connect with.

If you want to interview one of these individuals specifically, drop a line to and we’ll connect you. Otherwise, head to to reach these and many more people who can help you with your story.

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