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Stress Awareness Day 2017

Stress busting

Stress Awareness Day falls on 1 November this year. PR certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, the heat can rise and stress levels can increase. Here are some ways you can battle work-related stress:

Take breaks and turn off

Turning off can be one of the hardest things in PR. There’s always a story to write, a journalist to speak to and a client to assist. That’s why managing mental health is a big issue in the PR world.

Don’t just push yourself for hours. Stop and take a break.

  • Get up and go for a walk – you should be walking for up to 20 to 30 minutes per day, so why not try doing this during your lunch break or at short intervals throughout the day
  • Standing up – whenever you have a chance, get up from your seat. Walk over to your colleagues instead of emailing, pop to the shops or make yourself a cup of tea
  • Get away from the screen – try writing notes in a notebook, scribble on a whiteboard and jot ideas down on post-it notes
  • When out of the office, be out of the office – it’s fine to check your emails at a few intervals through the day when you’re at an event or travelling for work, however you should turn off devices when you’re on holiday. Evenings and weekends should be downtime too – if your company requires you to be ‘on-call’ designate times for checking emails and set restrictions for out-of-hours phone calls

Schedule, prioritise and plan ahead

Stressful situations can occur when you are not properly organised.

  • Deadline managementmanage your to do list and prioritise tasks
  • Prepare for what could go wrong – it won’t always run smoothly so always have a ‘plan B’
  • Don’t stretch yourself too thin – learn how to say no
  • Think about tomorrow – plan for the long-term not just for today. If you push everything back to tomorrow then you will be in a similar situation tomorrow

Put things into perspective and don’t let small things bother you

  • Will it matter tomorrow? – it’s easy to let small things bother you as they happen, but will they really make a difference tomorrow?

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Ease up on perfectionism

  • Does it work well now? – usually there’s no need to spend hours making something perfect in your own eyes, if it’s already great then it doesn’t need any more work

Work with your colleagues and team

  • Ask for help – you don’t have to manage everything yourself
  • Discuss with those that can help – speak to your manager or colleagues who may have experienced similar issues


  • How much do you laugh? – children laugh 400 times a day, versus 25 for adults. Have a giggle in the office, it’s good for you.

Bring your pet to work

Bring fluffy (other pet names available) into the office – If your office lets you bring in pets (and we found out many PR companies do!) then why not arrange to bring your pet into the workplace

Have a happy desk

  • Tidy and organised – an organised desk can help you find everything quickly and will make you feel calmer
  • Pictures of loved ones – parents, pets, partners… oh, your kids too, anyone that makes you happy
  • Stationary and equipment nearby – if everything you need is close then you won’t feel like you are wasting time looking for equipment
  • Make sure you have space to move – this gives you more breathing room and helps you feel less claustrophobic

Put your headphones in

  • Choose music to help – be more productive or relax during stressful moments, Quartz has some tips

Focus on your breathing and watch your posture

  • Take time to focus on your breathing – especially during times of extreme stress
  • Sit up straight – or even better, stand up. You’ll feel worse afterwards if you spend the day slouching

Stick to your routines

  • Follow your usual out-of-work routine – even if your workday changes from the usual, try keeping other things the same, it will help keep you grounded during stressful times


  • Go for a walk – get your heart pumping. A change of scenery is also great for boosting creativity
  • Stretch at your deskhere are some ideas
  • Stand up during the day – standing up meetings are great for staying on your feet and help keep to meeting agendas (nobody wants to be standing in a meeting for hours)

Think about your food and drink

  • Don’t skip meals – you’ll only be encouraged to fill your hunger with snacks
  • Eat healthy snacks – if you need a snack, make it healthy
  • Eat a filling, yet healthy lunch – complex carbs, veggies, and protein are your friends
  • Don’t overdo it with the cups of tea and coffee – caffeine is great in small quantities, but too much and you’ll crash
  • Limit sugar in your food & drink – similar to caffeine, it’s hard to be productive when you’re having a sugar crash
  • Bonus: Eat some dark chocolate – it’s good for raising your serotonin levels

Do you have any office stress busting techniques? Let us know below.

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