Freelance Focus with Rachael Anne Hill

Rachael Anne Hill is a leading diet, nutrition and fitness expert. Her professional training and qualifications have seen her sought after to comment and write on all aspects of healthy eating, active lifestyles and weight management. In this week’s Freelance Focus, Hill tells FeaturesExec subscribers more about her work and how PRs can help.

About your journalism:

What do you write about?
Diet, fitness, nutrition and health for adults and children.

Where are we likely to see your work?
Express, Mirror, Now magazine, Celebrity Diet Now, Mum Knows Best, Weight Loss Resources, Health and Fitness, Zest, Healthy Magazine, Essentials, Woman’s Own. I have also written four books including The GI High Energy Cookbook (an Amazon best seller), ‘Powerfood’, ‘Real Food For Kids’ and ‘The Baby and Toddler Cookbook’.

What’s the most memorable work you’ve done?
The GI High Energy Cookbook. When I decided to write this book ‘GI’ was a term hardly anyone had heard of. The publishers took a real risk allowing me to do it as they hadn’t heard of it either but I persisted with the idea and luckily they trusted me enough to listen as none of us could have predicted just how successful the book was to be. Selling over 200,000 copies in 15 different countries and translated into approximately eight different languages the feedback I have received from people all around the world who have put the ideas in the book into practice has been phenomenal making this by far the most memorable work I have done…so far!

What interview or feature would you love the chance to do?
Where do I start – too many to mention!!!

I’d would love to write a feature (or book) on cookery schools large and small around the world though!

About you and PRs:

Where do you source ideas for articles?
Everywhere, books, academics, internet, PRs.

How can PRs be useful to you?
Contact me first with cutting edge ideas or cover line stories so that I can approach the publications.

How and when do you like them to get in touch?
By email. Before they have sent info to editors.

Do you find press conferences, trips, parties and other events useful or an interruption?
Useful if they are in my subject area and are emailed to me for consideration rather than a PR telephoning.

If you could make one change to the way PRs deal with you, what would it be?
Think up truly interesting feature ideas or surveys that can generate lots of feature ideas and come to me with the ideas or results first to sell in to editors rather than going to editors directly.

About you:

How would you pay the bills if you weren’t a journalist?
I’d run a cookery school and/or start up my own food/health/fitness related business.

If we gave you £1,000, how would you spend it?
I’d buy a new road racing bike and a new pair of running trainers. If there was any left I’d spend the rest on fencing in my organic kitchen garden to stop the chickens getting in!!!!

What books are on your bedside table, magazines in your bag, or blogs on your screen?
‘Complete Nutrition’ Magazine and Country Living are in my bag, shamefully ‘Hello’ and property section from Sunday Times by the side of my bed – would love to say it was something more intellectual!

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