Freelance Journalist Interview with Emma Parlons

About your journalism:

What do you write about?

I cover a number of subjects ranging from beauty, film, shopping, restaurants, theatre…basically anything that leaves an impression on my life.

Where are we likely to see your work?

My blog and I also write for a number of online titles such as,,,

What’s the most memorable work you’ve done?

Highlights over the last six months include meeting Steven Spielberg, Brand New Heavies, Ronnie Wood, Ollie Dabbous but most of all I love meeting ambitious designers, small business owners and anyone with a passion for life. 

What interview or feature would you love the chance to do?

I love anything cultural (yes, shopping can be cultural!) so I get excited by anything which is new, different and unusual. 

You and your blog:

Who reads it and how many of them are there?

I get around 2500/3000 page views a month at the moment but the number is rising much quicker than I ever imagined. I suppose it is quite simply read by those who enjoy good food, films, theatre, etc. but are also curious enough about my thoughts and reactions to anything or anyone I encounter in my life!

What subjects do you cover?

I cover culture, shopping, beauty and life!

What makes you different from other blogs in your sector?

It is written by me and so therefore has to be different from another blog written by another blogger!  That’s the wonderful thing about blogs.

Why do you blog?

I blog because I love to write and because I enjoy seeing the reaction to what I write.

About you and PRs:

Where do you source ideas for articles?

Just by walking down the street, chatting to friends and being a glossy magazine addict.

How can PRs be useful to you?

By dropping me emails with details of anything new they are launching. 

How and when do you like them to get in touch?

Anytime and via email.

Do you find press conferences, trips, parties and other events useful or an interruption?

It depends how exciting the event will be. Everyone can always make time in their day for something unusual.

If you could make one change to the way PRs deal with you, what would it be?

Some PRs are brilliant at understanding the power of the blogger. Others need to wake up and realise that online coverage is the way forward!                

About you:

How would you pay the bills if you weren’t a journalist?

As an online marketing consultant. I work with helping brands (big and small) to achieve more online.

If we gave you £1000, how would you spend it?

I would buy a new laptop. 

Do you tweet? Why, why not?

Of course. Twitter makes the world go round.

What books are on your bedside table, magazines in your bag, or blogs on your screen?

On my bedside table you would find ‘When God was a Rabbit’, Elle UK, Vogue, Grazia, Stella (Sunday Telegraph mag) and hundreds more!  My favourite blogs include, and



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