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Nik Thakkar is the editor of pop couture blog and a fashion columnist for He also blogs for The Huffington Post (UK), covering fashion, pop culture, and entertainment. Read on to find out about his current roles, upcoming projects, KARLISMYUNKLE, and plenty more.

About your journalism:

Tell us about KARLISMYUNKLE. Who reads it and how many of them are there?

KARLISMYUNKLE is a pop couture blog, read and recommended by Dolce & Gabanna, The Huffington Post, VICE magazine, The Business of Fashion, and many more. It features high impact visuals, video content and intelligent commentary on the latest pop culture collaborations, from music to high fashion, art to design, film to photography.

It receives in excess of 75,000 readers per month. It also has a collective social media network of over 10,000.

What subjects do you cover and what stories are you most interested in covering?

The name, KARLISMYUNKLE, pays homage to the iconic Karl Lagerfeld – designer, artist, photographer, filmmaker and style icon. Lagerfeld’s multi-creative nature sums up exactly what the blog ‘heros’.

Everything featured on the site must have a credible image, or vision. Creative content works best, whether it is an innovative ad campaign, fashion editorial, short film. Even blockbusters, music videos, art exhibitions and cultural events work well.

What makes you different from the other outlets in your sector?

KARLISMYUNKLE is a “concept blog” which provides tailored content to a network of cultural taste-makers from fashion designers, to celebrities, bloggers, digital influencers and pop musicians. The fan base is highly influential, affluent and intelligent with large respective fan bases.

It is also the only pop couture/haute pop culture blog online.

Collaborating with brands and collectives forms a key part of the overarching ethos of the blog. KARLISMYUNKLE has previously partnered with Dolce & Gabbana, VICE magazine, Jodie Harsh’ iconic circus and Bungalow 8 on projects including DJ sets, club nights and content collaborations, and is definitely open to working more with brands that resonate with the creative philosophy of the blog.

How do you decide the content?

Content is cherry-picked from a host of sources, feature content is welcomed, but the more zeitgeist and newsworthy the better.

Nik can be found tweeting @KARLISMYUNKLE.
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