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How to dig out leads you might have missed on the Press Release Wire

By Vanessa McGreevy

18th May 2017

There are some hidden gems for journalists on the ResponseSource Press Release Wire – here are a few ways to find content that you might not already have tried.

1) Original research and stats you can stuff a story with

Since January we’ve been delving into the original research to be found in Press Release Wire stories in our round-ups. Survey stories may be a cliché but I find them irresistible and judging by the number of stories we see in papers and magazines, journalists and other readers feel the same. On any given day you’ll find several stories in the national press which are powered by surveys, whether it’s a solid academic study, peer-reviewed and analysed over months or years, or a quick phone poll by a gym chain or yoghurt manufacturer. We found these poll and survey-backed stories in a quick search:

The Guardian here and here
The Telegraph here and here
The Mail here and here
The Independent here and here

And of course, regional papers love a survey that can be given a local angle, whether you’re in DevonNewcastle, Leicester or Aberdeen

You can search the Press Release Wire archive by keyword (try poll, survey, statistic, per cent, research and study) and filter by category on to find research that’s relevant to your story.


2) Browse stories by topic or region as well as by sector

Sometimes you don’t know what story you’re looking for until you find it. Search our topical channels from sporting and social events to public holidays and political issues (yep, Brexit’s there) – they change regularly so let Gemma, our press release specialist, know if you think we should have a special topic you’re interested in and we’ll see what we can do.

We also offer regional pages, based on county or region names, major towns, plus some countries and their demonyms. Again, if you’d like to see a different region added, let us know. Here’s how to navigate to these options:

Find press releases by topic or region on the ResponseSource Press Release Wire


3) Offers for your readers or review opportunities

When there are opportunities for a review of a product or service, or a company has competition prizes or reader offers available, they’ll appear on It’s worth bookmarking this page and checking back regularly for anything from press trips to chocolate samples!


4) Check out the newsroom behind a story for more contact details and images

All our submitters have access to a newsroom to provide additional images, documents and background on their organisation, as well as archiving all their stories. If you like what you see on a release, click through via the company name or logo on the top right to see what else is available. You can even follow each individual submitter’s newsroom so you only get stories from organisations you’re interested in.

Look for the company name on the top right of any press release on the Press Release Wire.



Once in the newsroom, you’ll find more information including images and previous releases.


We encourage you to set up your own press release feed by email or RSS in your journalist account, so you don’t miss any stories on a daily basis. Set up a new account here: or log in to your existing account and manage your press release preferences here:

However you like to get press releases, we hope these tips will help you make the most of the thousands of stories we have archived on the Press Release Wire. Any questions contact us on

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