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Journalists from trade, consumer, regional and every national news outlet rely on ResponseSource to research stories, find sources, stay informed and raise their profile in our industry.

Journalist Enquiry Service

The Journalist Enquiry Service helps journalists gather information for independent editorial from PRs in all sectors, free of charge.

It puts you in touch with experts, case studies and PR contacts, saves you hours of research, and helps you meet your deadlines.

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Media Bulletin

Received by thousands of journalists every morning the ResponseSource Media Bulletin is your daily source of media moves and news updates. We cover new jobs, role changes, new launches and major changes to your publication.

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Freelance Journalist Profiles

Thousands of freelance journalists choose to maintain a Freelance Journalist Profile. Your free profile can include photos, biography and cuttings, which are public to give you a higher profile, while your contact details are kept private.

Editors can offer you work via a contact form and you can choose whether or not PR subscribers can see your contact details.

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Press Release Wire

A fast, effective way to receive press releases from a range of PR agencies and businesses in all sectors.

You can sign up to the relevant categories and get news as it arrives or in a convenient daily digest at 4pm.

If you prefer a more specialised feed you can set up a keyword search.

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Media Jobs

Find your next PR or journalism role with ResponseSource Media Jobs

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