Media Contacts Database

Search for and identify relevant editorial contacts and PR opportunities.

Media Contacts Database

Quickly & easily identify relevant UK journalists and bloggers to pitch your story to. In-depth profiles on thousands of media outlets and contacts let you know what to pitch, to who, when and how they prefer to be contacted.

All of this is kept up to date by our in-house team of media researchers who are also on hand to support you with any queries, along with a dedicated account manager.


How does it work?

Accurate, detailed media contact profiles

Our unique relationship with journalists via our media bulletin and enquiry service allows us to make the media database extremely accurate

Plan ahead

With our comprehensive forward features, editorial calendars and alerts.

Get alerts when contacts change

Never miss a change to your key contacts and easily keep your lists up to date.

Build targeted press lists

Our powerful search functionality makes it easy to quickly find the most relevant contacts.

Training and support

A dedicated account manager comes as part of your subscription - our team will respond in minutes to help you find what you need and research any extra detail.

Flexible subscription options

No user or access limits with subscriptions on a per office basis.


Intelligent search

Just type what you want. For example, enter ‘Cloud computing’ and the search engine will provide a selection of recommended searches to help you reach the data you need quickly. Looking for a specific media outlet or person? Type and it will find what you’re looking for, even if you spell it wrong.

Press list updates

Save time on maintaining press lists. The media database suggests contacts to add or remove from your press list based on your inclusion criteria. You can review and accept or reject suggestions for individual press lists with the ‘List Updates’ tab.

Quick access to media data

Easily extract contact data from just about anywhere on the media contacts database straight into a spreadsheet.

Detailed media profiles

All the information you need in one place, updated by our own research team on a regular basis to be as accurate as possible. Contacts, regular sections, editorial calendars, pitching advice – all in one place.

Forward features alerts

Plan ahead with access to thousands of forward feature opportunities and set up alerts to be notified when new ones are added that match your search criteria.

Distribution tool

Built in distribution tool enables you to send news, press releases and invites to your press lists.

The distribution tool can send to multiple lists at the same time, schedule messages and save drafts.


ResponseSource is regularly used by:


"This is beautiful! Actual pleasure to use. Will actually use as primary database following the revamp."

PR exec, major agency

“The Media Contacts Database allows us to target exactly the right people writing the right articles at the right time.”

Claire Cairns, Bottle Public Relations

“A valuable resource which we use throughout Europe. The service is extremely user friendly and the responsive support team adds a great deal.”

Toni Castle, LEWIS PR