Support – SPF & email distribution

If you see an SPF warning message when using the distribution tool this means we have detected that your company’s DNS records have been setup with a Sender Policy Framework  (SPF). ResponseSource disables access to the email distribution section on the Media Contacts Database if you have conflicting sender authentication measure in place, such as an SPF policy.

What is SPF?

An SPF policy instructs receiving mail servers to treat any mail addressed from a domain (such as your domain) but actually sent from another mail server (in our case as suspicious.  An SPF policy is a good thing to have because it protects you against email spoofing.

With ResponseSource distribution, although the ‘from’ and ‘reply-to’ field in the email is your email address, the host sending your email is a ResponseSource server on the domain.

How to distribute messages

If you see the SPF warning and want to use ResponseSource to distribute messages you can either:

  1. Update your SPF record: Ask your administrator to add ‘’ to the existing spf record.
  2. Or, download your lists and send mail from a domain that is included in your SPF record.

How to view your SPF record

Use Google Dig to view the TXT record for your own domain. Here’s ours:

How to edit your SPF record

You need access to your DNS control panel and from there find the section to edit the TXT record. Depending on your ISP you may also have the newer SPF DNS/recource record available in your control panel, in which case you can use that in addition to or as an alternative to the TXT record.

The steps required to edit a DNS TXT resource record vary from ISP to ISP. Here are some instructions from popular ISPs  –  GoDaddy  –  Google Apps

How to validate an edited SPF policy

It can help to use an online SPF validator to check syntax such as

Additional info and support

Once you’ve updated your SPF policy to you’ll need to allow 48 hours for your edited DNS record to propagate around the internet. Once we detect the change the distribution module on the media database will enable itself.

If you need additional support on this issue call us on 0345 370 7777 or email


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