Blog Spotlight with Arvid Linde, editor of Buzzkeep

Twitter fans rejoice, we are not alone! Buzzkeep editor Arvid Linde takes to the Blog Spotlight to praise the virtues of the microblogging platform and describes his many adventures in the world of SEO and social media…

Tell us about your blog, how did you get started? Why did you choose your subject?

Buzzkeep is a blog about technology, social media and web marketing. I wanted a place where I could share my SEO findings and experiment results but I soon found myself writing pieces on technology, crowdfunding, and even art. Although it does seem like a mishmash of things, many people involved in SEO and social media are also professed tech geeks, while many tech addicts are collaterally interested in all things web and social media.

How do you source content for your blog?

My main inspiration is Twitter. I’m actively using Twitter Lists – in my opinion the best and most underused feature of this microblogging platform. Twitter Lists allow me to select the influencers I want to listen to, and it tells me a lot about what’s important right now. I also have a collection of RSS feeds that I check via the Digg Feed Reader, I’ve set up WalkTalker Alerts that inundates (and often overwhelms) my inbox with news. I’m frequenting a wide array of crowdfunding sites and also using tools to watch trends within my main areas of interest.

Do you have a favourite post or one that best sums up your blog?

Being a Twitter fanboy that I am, it should be this one. It gives you actionable advice on how to make the most of Twitter Lists and it also pays a compliment to people whom I consider worth following. This interactive component ensured that people would help me promote the post. Posts like these take a ridiculous amount of time to produce but they also leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

Do you write reviews?

I’ve done a few software and gadget reviews and I’d say it’s the second most popular type of content after the compilation/list posts. If the review is done in a genuine way, people will respond positively even if they disagree with my opinion.

How did you build a following for your blog?

It’s quite a new blog but the continuous increase in traffic is really encouraging. I’ve tried promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon and I’m happy with the results – it helps build the newsletter subscribers list and adds Feed subscribers, both of which is very important for a new blog. It’s the returning visitors and fans that really count! Being an SEO by day, I’m also using various content outreach techniques and social media. To cut a long story short – if you post valuable content and then expose the industry influencers to your content, you’re bound to get some interaction. I know I’m making it sound easy; it’s not. The best tip is to identify your industry influencers and start building relationships with them via Twitter and Google+ early on.

Are you a PR friendly blog? Do you accept contributions and content for your blog?

Yes and no. I want my blog to have a distinctive voice, so I won’t accept contributions. However, I’m happy to work with PRs and product developers, especially if I expect their message to resonate with my readership. So, inviting me to review a product or service is probably the best way to get coverage. I’d also like to take a chance to dispel the myth that bloggers automatically delete incoming press releases. I open and scan all press releases I receive. Whether I’ll use it on my blog depends on how relevant it is for my readers and how much value it adds. Salesy press releases rarely get actioned upon.

How best do you like to be approached by PRs?

Email or phone are equally acceptable. Both can be found on my 'About' page. You can also find me on Twitter.

What’s in store for your blogging career in 2014?

Just carry on blogging and expanding my readership. The positive feedback keeps me going and although I didn’t make any New Year resolutions this time, I intend to write more often! The current startup scene looks really exciting, so you might see me making emphasis on the up and coming tech companies and trends.

You can find Arvid tweeting @kensingtongreen.

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