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How to always work for an award-winning PR agency or department

By Kelly Atkin

26th June 2017

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Award trophy

In some ways it’s simple – just win some awards. But who has the time to apply in the first place?

PR awards are everywhere, from sector specific accolades to large scale national and international awards. Then there are business awards for companies big or small, employee awards, design awards… the list goes on.

In fact, with the number of awards out there the hard part isn’t winning them, it’s winning the right ones.

Applying for awards does take time. Before entering any awards it’s important to decide if winning would benefit your company. Would it help you win new business, retain clients or build recognition in your industry?

If not, then it’s probably not worth the time.

Next, you’ve got to read the brief and criteria carefully.

Do you tick all of the boxes and can you provide exactly what the judges are looking for?

If you can’t follow their guidelines then you’re unlikely to be shortlisted. Another waste of time.

Remember to check the terms for entering – do you need to buy tickets to the award ceremony or are you agreeing for your entry to be made available to the public?

If you can’t honour the terms then don’t enter.

So the award is perfect to highlight your achievements, you fit the criteria and brief and you’re happy with the terms of entry – how do you start the application process?

It’s important to allow enough time to write your entry and include suitable evidence. If you rush you won’t be doing your achievements justice.

Set aside a chunk of time for planning the structure, drafting the application, editing, getting a second opinion and final edits. It’s important to always get a second opinion.

Entries should be clear and easy to understand. Follow a narrative of why you started the campaign, obstacles you overcame during the journey and how you achieved success.

Compile evidence – press clippings, screen shots, videos and statistics. Anything that will help to highlight your great work and how you measured its success.

Once you’re happy with your application, submit it before the deadline following the process that the award has requested. Then all that’s left is to cross your fingers.

If you’re shortlisted then shout about it. Being on the shortlist is an achievement in itself especially for large and competitive awards. Congratulations.

If you win then shout about it even louder. Remember that you chose this award for the recognition it could bring. Share your win with the media, post across your social media channels and make sure it can be found on your website. Include it in your blog, on your awards page, or even on your homepage.

Have you won an award recently? Leave a comment and let us know.

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